Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage Two is a busy place; please look around to find out some of the fantastic things that have been happening here.

September 2017 – Trip to High Force waterfall

As part of our I’m from Teesside, and I can do anything’ topic, Upper Key Stage 2 went on a fantastic trip to see an amazing part of the River Tees – the legendary ‘High Force’ waterfall. After an hour or so on the bus, and a bit of walking in some woods, we found what we were looking for – and what a sight it was! Breathtaking!

We settled down on the rocks and sketched High Force. Mr Craig was on hand to give out some sage like advice on how the waterfall had formed – he seemed to be quite the expert on this fascinating river feature. Once we had finished our sketching, we moved on through some woods, across fields and over bridges until we found a lovely spot for a picnic. Yummy!

After our stomachs were full, we walked alongside the River Tees until we came to Low Force – another set of beautiful waterfalls. After that, we scampered across the ‘Death Bridge’ (as Mr Hagon helpfully called it) and made our way to our waiting buses.

We all had a great time during the trip, gaining some insight into the River Tees as well as some unforgettable experiences.

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Y6 Visit to the Dorman Museum … Stargazers Topic.

In November, as part of our Stargazers topic, we visited the Dorman Museum. We became astronauts for the morning. First we learned all about Mars. We looked at its distance from Earth, its size, terrain and position in the solar system. Then we had to order the planets.


Our next challenge really was a challenge. One of our team was called to the panel that controlled the oxygen flow around the space station. The panel had to be repaired within four minutes or everyone would be starved of oxygen and die. Others in the team could not help, only support and keep calm.

2 3

Finally, we had to build a Mars rover from recycled materials. You wouldn`t believe what we eventually made, when you see what we had to work with.


We thoroughly enjoyed this experience. The Dorman Museum staff are great and they help us learn such a lot.

Year 6 STEAM activities at Mima September 2016

Year 6 enjoyed at fascinating day at Mima. We made rockets and parachutes applying our science knowledge and understanding to try and make a rocket travel the furthest and a parachute drift slowly down.

science-2 science-1

After lunch, we moved into the galleries. We look at science and technology throughout the ages. The galleries and exhibits were fascinating.


In one gallery we learned how British Steel had made products which went around the world and were used in bridge building and construction. We constructed 3D shapes from cocktail sticks and jelly tots.


It was a fascinating day.

Ocean Maths Year 6 September 2016

We had lots of parents joining us to start the Ocean Maths year 2016-2017.

Our session started with a game which used our knowledge of times tables. We had to look carefully at our game board and the numbers on it. We used a spinner to generate a number. We looked at the numbers on the game board to see if there were any multiples of that number. We covered the number with a counter. Some children beat their parents at getting their game board covered.


After this game, we moved on to a game that tested our knowledge of factors. We rolled dice to generate a two digit number. If we rolled 6 and 3 we could make 36 or 63. We then had to add the next number we rolled or subtract it in order to create a number which was a factor of 2, 5, or 10. If we made a two digit number that was a factor of 5 and 10 we scored 15. If it was only a multiple of 2, we scored 2. We soon discovered that we could not cover the number 31 with a counter!


We finished with an exciting game of 11.

2015 – 2016 Year 6 Activities!

Post SATs Fun in Y6

In the weeks following the tests, Y6 have enjoyed themselves following all their hard work.

Cricket Day

8 9

Part in the Park


Cooking Mexican Food with Little Sprouts




Reading View. Alt Shift A for Accessibility Help.

All of the children in year 3, 4 and 5 took part in a beach themed book party. They all received a book to take home with them as part of the Literacy Trust program. The children were asked to wear summer clothes and bring a beach towel with them. A range of beach themed activities were set up for them which they thoroughly enjoyed. They said the best part was getting an ice cream from the local shop.


Year 5 practising their athletics skills in PE.


Year 5 Playing Netball

During this half term, we have been learning how to play High Five Netball. We practiced the different types of passes you can use in netball, which include the shoulder pass, the chest pass and the bounce pass.


We also had to follow the footwork rule by making sure that one foot remained on the ground at all times. Then we had to make sure we knew correct playing positions, and we rotated at the end of each half. As you can see we enjoyed our netball sessions.


“I have really enjoyed playing high five netball because I learnt how to do different types of throws and had to know the different positions you had to play in.”

Perspective Drawings

This term we have been using simple rules of perspective in drawings of mini-beasts. The children had to sketch different drawings of mini-beasts clearly showing their particular features. Then adding detail and value to their drawings by labeling them. The children used the mini i-Pads to help them with their drawings.



The children’s work on display!

11 111

The Big Sing Liturgy Thing

On Thursday 21st January all the year 5 pupils attended The Big Sing Liturgy Thing at St Mary’s Cathedral, Coulby Newham. For many young people, their only regular experience of church is collective worship at school. The Big Sing Liturgy team have designed the Big Sing Liturgy Thing as a feast of music, song, prayer, sign-language dance & liturgy. The objective is to give young people an experience of vibrant, dynamic worship. But it is more than a “jamboree” of song, and draws on our understanding and experience of the liturgical tradition and contemporary liturgical music.

The event involved a full band, two dancers, audio-visual presentation, a full lighting and PA system with a two-man tech crew. The day’s programme took place from 10:30am to 2:30pm
This fantastic day included learning lots of new songs and actions to go with them, some children took part in a dance workshop and then performed the dance to everyone. Activities were also provided for the children. Every person was up on their feet and took part in the amazing events. All the children had a great day and said that they would love to go again.


Ocean Maths Y5 Spring Workshop 2016

In January we held the Y5 Ocean Maths workshop. Lots of parents came along to join in the maths fun.

The Ocean Maths work involves mathematical activities, games and puzzles to be shared and solved by the child and the parent together, either at home, or in a workshop at school.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, exploration and discovery. The activities make learning maths fun, both for the children and their parents.

We began the session with an Ocean maths game called ‘Sorting.’ We had to decide whether the number was a multiple of 2, 3, both of them or neither or them. After we had decided, we could place a counter in the correct place on the board. The winner was the first player to get two counters in the box labelled ‘Multiple of 2 and of 3.’
Our second game was called ‘Mine All Mine.’ Working with a partner, we had to deal four cards to our partner and make as many of the numbers on the grid as we could, covering those numbers with a counter. We then had to reverse our roles and let the other person make the numbers.

The next activity was an Ocean Maths game called ‘Dividing Game.’ Working with a partner we picked two cards and arranged them in the boxes. We read the number we made and then chose to divide it by 2, 3 or 10. If the answer was a whole number we put a counter on any circle showing the number we chose. If the answer was not a whole number we missed that turn. The winner was the first person to complete a line of three counters.
We had fun at our workshop and are looking forward to the next one in the Summer Term.

Year 6 Ocean Maths Workshop Tuesday 12th January 2016

We were delighted that our parents took the time out of their busy schedules to come to our Year 6 Ocean Maths session. We were all looking forward to showing what we can do in Maths. We started by counting forwards and backwards along an imaginary number line. At first it was quite easy, but then we had to count in steps of 35 from random numbers like 40, 55 etc. This really made us think!
Here you can see Mr Craig using his arm so we can imagine the number line going forwards and backwards.


We then worked in pairs to add and subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers. We had to do this mentally, but could use the calculator to check our answers.

2 3

We then had tasks that practiced our knowledge and understanding of multiples. This really made us think! We had to use strategy in our choice of number. This also applied to another task where we had to multiply integers by 10 and 100. Your choice of operation and number could make you win if you got Three In A Row! This really spurred us on to want to win! Without doubt, MATHS IS FUN!

4 5 6

Ocean Maths Year 5 Autumn Workshop 2015

In September we held the Y5 Ocean Maths workshop. Lots of parents and a few siblings came along to join in the maths fun

math 21 math 11

The Ocean Maths work involves mathematical activities, games and puzzles to be shared and solved by the child and the parent together, either at home, or in a workshop at school.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, exploration and discovery. The activities make learning maths fun, both for the children and their parents.

math 10 math 9

We began the session with some counting in 2s forwards and backwards, then we counted forwards and backwards in 20s, 200s, 5s, 50s and 500s.

The first game we played was an Ocean Maths game called ‘Share Them Out.’ We worked with a partner and the aim of the game was to be the first person to collect twenty counters. This was good fun and lots of maths talk took place!

math 8 math 7

For our second game ‘Sorting Numbers’ we tried to sort the numbers in as many different ways as we could. We could sort the numbers into sets and give a description of each set.

The next activity was ‘Play Fifteens. We had to try to put the 0-9 cards in columns and rows to add up to fifteen.

math 6 math 5

The final activity was ‘Squares.’ Playing with a partner we had to decide who was player one and who was player two. Player one had to throw two dice, use the first number to count along the grid, the second number to count up the grid and then place a counter at that point on the grid. The winner was the first person to put a counter down to make the fourth corner of a square.

math 4 math 3

We had fun at our workshop and are looking forward to the next one in the Spring Term.

Year 5/6 PPA Art Portraits
This term we have been looking at Hans Holbein, he was a famous artist who worked under Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII. The children found out a lot of information about Hans Holbein and the purpose of his work.

art1 art

The children looked at images of portraits by Hans Holbein and began to sketch their own.

art2 art3
Next the children practiced sitting for a portrait, wearing an outfit and objects to portray their character.

art5 art4
The children’s work on display.