Staff List

Academic Year 2018/19

Executive Head Teacher Mrs. C Walker

Head of School Mrs. P Laverick

Assistant Head Teacher Mrs. K Mallam

Foundation Stage (FDS)

Nursery: Mrs. Dainton, Mrs. Parkin 

Reception Room 1:  Mrs. Robinson and Miss Blenkinsop

Reception Room 2: Mrs. McTiernan and Miss Jablonska

Key Stage one (KS1) 

Year 1/2 SS: Mrs. Spillane and Mrs. South

Year 1/2 MR: Mr. Robbins and Mrs. Winterbottom

Year 2 KM: Mrs. Mallam and Miss Hastings

Lower Key Stage two (KS2)

Year 3 OD: Mrs. Down and Mrs. Macdonald

Year 3/4 SA: Mrs. Akhtar and Miss Keen 

Year 4 BH: Mr. Hagon and Miss Wilson

 Year 3/4 Support: Mrs. Brown 

Upper Key Stage two (KS2)

Year 5 AB: Mrs. Bowker and Miss Bointon

Year 5 AH: Mrs. Houliston and Mrs. McGeeney

Year 6 SR: Miss Reevell  and Mrs. Elliot

Year 6 DC: Mr. Craig, Miss Mills, Mrs Greenslade and Mrs. Thomas

Whole School PPA Provision

Mrs. McGinley MFL

Mr Walker ICT/ Computing

Pastoral Lead

Mrs Felgate

Learning Support 

Miss. Hall

Miss Kendra Birch

Operational Support Staff


Mrs. Porritt – School Business Manager

Mrs. Llewellyn – Admin / Resource Assistant

Mr. Roche – Caretaker

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs. Fortune

Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Skiberowska

2x Temporary Supervisors