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Identification of need

Sacred Heart RC Primary School is a mainstream school with a 26 place Nursery. Pupils attend from the age of 3 years and leave aged 11 years.
Upon entering Nursery children are assessed; this is called a baseline assessment.  Formal assessments are then carried out at regular intervals; at least termly, so we can track your child’s progress over time. Children throughout the school are assessed regularly and monitored during termly progress meetings with the Class Teacher, Head Teacher / Deputy and SENCo.
Parents are invited to individual meetings with their child’s teacher in the Autumn and Spring terms. In addition to these; if necessary, further meetings between parents and the SENCO are held. These meetings help us to build up a clear picture of your child’s needs. The SENCo may carry out more in-depth assessments of needs either in response to data or staff concerns. If required the school will bring in external professionals to further assess and give recommendations for appropriate provision.

 How do we involve parents in planning for those needs?

Parents of children who are identified as requiring SEN support will be invited to meet their child’s class teacher and SENCo termly to discuss the provision of support available. Parents of pupils with an EHCP will meet with teachers termly and attend annual reviews arranged by the SENCo
Who in school will support my child and how will this be monitored? The SENCo will monitor the provision of all students on the SEND register and will oversee monitoring and evaluation of progress and provision. All teachers at Sacred Heart RC Primary School have a responsibility for the teaching, assessing and monitoring of students with SEND. This is the first principle of the New Code of Practice. Pupils who are registered as SEN support, in line with the SEN code of practice 2014, will have termly planning and evaluation meetings. Teachers, parents and the pupil will contribute to planning the provision. The SENCo will oversee the plan, monitor progress and evaluate any interventions. Students with an EHCP (statement) will have their progress reviews with the SENCo. Quality first teaching is supported by a team of support staff who have differing roles. However, always central to this is breaking down barriers to learning and helping SEN students to move forward with their learning and progress. The graduated approach detailed in the SEN Code of Practice i.e. “assess, plan, do and review” is adopted in our school. Effectiveness of a provision will be monitored by teachers and support staff carrying out continued assessment .They will also complete pre and post assessments for each intervention provided.

 How are decisions made about the type and amount of provision a young person will need?

We will talk with parents and the pupil (if appropriate) to understand and establish what they see as the priority. Decisions are based on quality evidence the school has collected: both data evidence and from talking to everyone involved in teaching a pupil. Decisions will also be based on the advice from any other professionals who have been working with or assessing a pupil. Interventions are generally delivered in six to ten week blocks and sometimes pupils will have one or more blocks.


All pupils have an entitlement to study a full curriculum. The work will be differentiated by the class teacher during the delivery of quality first teaching.
Accessibility. Sacred Heart RC Primary School is located on two floors with wheelchair access to all ground floor classrooms and access to outside areas via a ramp There is disabled parking in the car park and all visitors are able to access the main reception via an accessible entrance. There is a wheelchair accessible toilets  located at the front of the school in the foyer and another ambulatory toilet in the Foundation Stage area.

Parental Involvement

Parents are invited into school regularly to share in a range of activities which include; religious festivals, performances, assemblies, stay and play and workshops sharing good practice across the curriculum. Parents are invited to an annual meeting to review their child’s statement/EHCP. Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning at home.  Homework is provided for literacy, numeracy and for topic using a homework grid.

Overall Well Being & Specialist Services
Medical Support  

All children needing medical support in school are assessed on an individual basis and their needs planned for accordingly Social Support. A Learning Mentor is employed to support parents, liaise between home and school and monitor attendance. The school works closely with Social Services and other care providers to support the welfare of pupils.

Further Support

Additional support is available from the educational psychologist .The SENCo will refer to other outside agencies on an individual basis.

Staff Training

All teachers have qualified teacher status and teaching assistants have a minimum of a Level 3 qualification. There is a comprehensive induction programme that ensures all staff are trained in positive handling strategies, safeguarding, asthma management and child protection. There is an ongoing programme of professional development to ensure teachers and teaching assistants meet the special educational needs of our pupils and stay up to date with current research into teaching and learning. Sacred Heart RC Primary School is a member of the Middlesbrough Schools Teaching Alliance.
Activities outside of school
Sacred Heart RC Primary School is committed to providing all pupils and students with equal access to an enriched and extended curriculum.
Visits to local theatres, art galleries, historic sites etc. are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum. Visiting artists and theatre companies allow all students, access to cultural experiences. A variety of after school clubs cater for a range of interests and abilities and include; art, choir, PE (multiskills), football.


Most children enter school in September; at reception age, from either our own nursery or other school or PVI nurseries. Parents are invited to look around the school and to attend a new parents meeting so we can introduce the team of people who will be working with their child. Children and young people joining Sacred Heart in the middle of an academic year do so by arrangement with the head teacher. Staff work closely with the staff of local secondary schools; primarily Trinity Catholic College, to ensure a smooth transition for all our pupils.

SEND Resources

Sacred Heart has a number of different SEND provisions and interventions which are matched to the young person’s special educational needs financed through the SEND budget.

Further Information

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Headteacher – Carol Walker
SENCo – Nicola Darragh
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