Lower Key Stage 2

Key Stage Two is a busy place; please look around to find out some of the fantastic things that have been happening here.

Thursday 7th September 2017 – LKS2 trip to Tees Barrage

Years 3 and 4 went on a trip to Tees Barrage to find out more about their river topic. The children took part in two activities.

The first activity was a site tour. The children took part in a walking tour along the River Tees, where they could explore the wildlife in the surrounding area and find out about the leisure facilities which are available to visitors. The tour guide provided the children with information about when the Tees Barrage was opened and historical information about the river and the area around it.


The second activity was the Air Trail. The children had the opportunity to experience climbing up the huge Air Trail. They were shown how to put the harness on themselves, then they were given the opportunity to explore the Air Trail at various heights, at their own pace. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and some children were brave enough to conquer their fear of heights!



Year 3/4 trip to Middlesbrough Football Club 

As part of our new ‘Urban Pioneers’ topic, year 3/4 took a trip to one of the most famous landmarks in our town – Middlesbrough Football Club (MFC).

First of all, our guide allowed us to sit in the best seats in the house – the director’s box! The view was great and the pitch looked in good condition.

After that, we looked at a cabinet full of special items from Middlesbrough’s past, including trophies, shirts and memorabilia.

We then sneaked into a very important room – the board room, where all the important decisions about the club our made. The children seemed quite at home in the comfy chairs!

We also talked about a famous part of both MFC and Sacred Heart’s history – Ayresome Park, the old home of MFC. Ayresome Park was located right next to our school before it was knocked down in 1995.

We then moved on to a special place – the dressing room of MFC. The children had a chance to try on the different shirts of their favourite players and all celebrated getting promoted with a good old sing song.

Finally, we had a chance to visit the media area. This is where players and the manager give interviews before and after games. For a few seconds we thought

Mr Karanka had turned up to give us a few words!

Thanks to our guide at MFC for showing and telling us all about a famous part of our great town – the children really enjoyed the trip.

Lights, Camel, Action

This year it was the Year 3 and 4 pupils’ opportunity to entertain everyone with their retelling of the Christmas Story. Our choice of play was the Nativity meets “Britain’s Got Talent”.
Lights, Camel, Action was a chance for all the main players from the Nativity Story to demonstrate their singing and dancing talents. We also had talented presenters, an awesome voice over man and some real characters as judges (Caesar could teach Simon Cowell a thing or two about withering criticism!).


The townspeople of Nazareth performed a line dance.


Mary and Joseph sang beautifully.


The camels and the wise men performed a funky song and dance number.


A host of angels danced ballet.


The shepherds performed a sword dance and even managed to get their sheep to join in!


The Star of Bethlehem was a bit of a diva, but she and her backing stars were amazing disco dancers.


The innkeepers of Bethlehem were tango maestros.


Everyone joined in the final number to rapturous applause.

10 11

Amazing acting and fabulous singing made this a successful performance enjoyed by all the audience.

19th-21st December 2016: Year 3/4 Christmas Crafts – Mr Hagon

HO HO HO and MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS! Welcome to Mr Hagon’s grotto! Time to celebrate the wonder and joy of Christmas with some fun, crafty activities. 🙂

For the last three days of school all of the Year 3 and 4 classes were undertaking different crafts in their classrooms. Mr Hagon once again used his world famous knowledge of how to make snowflakes to help the children create some wonderfully unique paper snowflakes.

1 2 3

The children had to use folding, cutting, tying and gluing skills to create their brilliant designs. Knowledge of symmetry was also needed if they wanted to fold and cut their snowflakes perfectly. It was clear that strong fingers were needed to cut out the designs but once the final touch of glitter was added the children were all very proud of their work. Well done all!

4 5 6

7 8

Year 4 – Sports Hall Athletics – November 2016

On your marks, get set, GO!

Some of the children from Miss Reeve and Mr Hagon’s classes had the fantastic opportunity to go to Trinity to be involved in Sports Hall Athletic events against other schools from Middlesbrough. There were a number of events, including:

Standing Long Jump Speed Bounce

5 6

Chest Push Soft Javelin

7 8

The children all had a brilliant time and tried their very best in every event. They managed to come home with a special ‘Well Done’ certificate for being one of the best schools at the event. Great stuff Year 4!

9 10

Year 3 Digestive System Experiment

We chopped and crushed some banana and crackers to represent what happens to food in our mouth.


After that we poured water into the bag along with the food. This shown what reaction saliva has when mixed with food. By adding pure orange juice, we could see how the acid in our stomach makes the food break down and turn to mush. It was really squishy.

b c

We then poured the food into a pair of tights. Can you guess which part of the digestive system this was? As the food worked its way through, we could see all the goodness that remains in our bodies and all the waste that carries on traveling.

d e f

Now onto our large intestines. The food that is left goes through our large intestines. As this happens, it takes all the fluid so that our bodies can hold onto it. We placed this into an empty cup as shown. It wasn’t very pleasant to look at.


Last but not least, the food settles into our rectum until our brain tells us to go to the toilet. When we visit the toilet the food finally exits our bodies out of our anus.

h i

STEAM at mima

On Tuesday 13th September the children in Year 4 set off, in the sweltering heat, to walk the mile and a half or so to mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art). Once there we had a day of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematical challenges to experience and enjoy.

1 2

The Year group was split into the two classes and each went off to their first activity. We swapped over at lunchtime so everybody tried all the activities.

4 3

In the gallery we looked at Industry. Teesside Industry in the future and in the past, as well as Industry around the world. We saw app designs, animation and 3D printing as well as finding out how Teesside companies are working on developing environmentally friendly products. It was interesting to look at the steel industry and the structures created from steel. Our challenge was to create structures using jelly tots and cocktail sticks, such simple resources we could try it at home. We also had a cup tower building challenge.

5 6

After looking at Industry around the world we were shocked to see the sapphire miners who worked as a team, doing really hard, physical work, only got paid a handful of rice. It didn’t seem fair, especially when we tried to work together as a human conveyor belt and realised how hard it was to co-ordinate everyone in the team.

7 8 9

In the Education Space we had the opportunity to be designers and inventors. The first task was to create parachutes, from a very mixed assortment of resources, which were then tested by dropping them from a balcony.

10 11

Straw rockets were the second inventors challenge. Everyone had fun testing how far they could launch their rockets. Who knew they could take on so many different shapes?


Children’s quotes:

“The challenges were fun” – Sanuli

“My favourite bit was making the straw rockets and launching them” – Elizabeth

“I loved constructing the shapes from jelly tots and cocktail sticks” – Benny

“I enjoyed making and testing my parachute” – Zuzanna

“I loved building my parachute because we could make anything we wanted” – Rui

“I loved making the rockets because it was fun and mine went the furthest” – Carlton

“I liked problem solving where my jelly tots had to go to make the 3D shapes” – Shelby

Year 4 Ocean Maths Workshop.

Back to school with a bang as the Year 4 children and their parents tackled an Ocean Maths workshop on Monday 12th September, which was combined with our “Welcome to Year 4” meeting. What an amazing group of children and adults they are. Everyone got fully involved starting with counting activities, remembering that counting back is as important as counting forward.


Then we moved onto a simple game with digit cards, there was more than one solution and no one was prepared to settle for finding just one solution.


Multiplying and dividing by 10 provided the next challenge, with lots of the children quickly developing strategies to give them the greatest possible chance of success – exactly the sort of thing that teachers love to see.


Next Door Numbers, an individual challenge with a little prize for success, demonstrated accurate addition skills. Even some of the parents got involved, trying to beat the children…competition is a wonderful motivating factor however old you are!


The workshop finished with a quick game of “Elevens”. Shockingly parents were quite happy to eliminate their own children from the game. Some days Maths is ruthless, but with Ocean Maths it’s always fun!


Thank you to all who attended, your support is very much appreciated.

2015 – 2016

Scrumdiddlyumptious Cafe

Welcome one and all to the brand new cafe in town – Sacred Heart’s Scrumdiddlyumptious Cafe! Year 3/4 parents and guardians were invited to come into school and indulge in a four course meal that would have sent Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver green with envy!

First up was the starter made by Miss Reeve’s class; spicy salsa dip with tortilla chips! Mouths were soon watering with delight as this hot South American favourite hit the spot.

222 333

Next up was the main course – a range of differently topped pizzas created by Mr Hagon’s class. In a flash, they were on the plates and then…gone! A lot of happy faces and stomachs so far but there was so much more to come.

Mrs Mallam’s class were up next with a Sri Lankan biscuit pudding; it looked delicious and tasted even better! Even Sacred Heart’s resident cake expert, Mr Craig, couldn’t get a look in as the divine desserts were soon eaten by the parents.

444 555

To bring this outstanding day to a close, Mrs McTiernan’s class supplied the adults with truffles and cakes to leave them well and truly stuffed; Willy Wonka himself couldn’t have tempted them to eat another bite.

Thanks to all those parents who attended and donated what they thought their meal was worth – £175 was raised in total! 🙂

World Food Day

Today we had some visitors in to share some Sri Lankan recipes with us. We even got to make and taste some. We would like to share the recipe for Sri Lankan milk rice in case you would like to try it for yourself.

It was really yummy.

111 222

Homemade milk rice- Sri Lanka


  • 500 grams rice, white
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups coconut milk thick
  • salt to taste


  1. Wash the rice, put in a medium saucepan and add water.
  2. Bring to the boil in medium heat, cover the saucepan, cooking until the rice is soft, 15-20 minutes.
  3. Add coconut milk and salt, stir well, and reduce heat to low, continue cooking in low heat for another 10 minutes, until the milk has been absorbed.
  4. Coconut milk is absorbed, and the rice is very soft and creamy. By now rice milk is ready.
  5. Transfer the rice milk to a flat plate and fatten down with piece of butter paper.
  6. If you like any shape, you can use a cookie cutter, serve with fish, chicken curry, Banana.

Our Bones

We have been thinking about the bones in our bodies! First we drew what we thought they looked like. Then, we learned what our skeletons really look like, and worked in groups to put them together and label them. We found out what the common names were, as well as the scientific words for our bones.

janewatson janewatson1

The Americas

In our journey around the World in food, Miss Reeve’s classroom represented “The Americas”.

We learnt about the wide variety of foods that are produced in a land area that stretches almost the length on the planet.

If it wasn’t for sixteenth century explorers accidentally discovering the Americas we would never have potatoes or chocolate…what a disaster!

Avocados are mashed up to make guacamole, which we tasted and some of us enjoyed.

We tasted a range of beans which had been soaked overnight then cooked for hours into a delicious, if strange looking stew. There was cheese bread to dip into it.

Surprisingly some from the Americas like to add chocolate to stews, we tasted some bitter dark chocolate but didn’t actually add it to the stew!

We also had the opportunity to make fresh salsa dip. It was necessary to carefully cut tomatoes and onions into tiny pieces.

Garlic, chilli, coriander, lime and lemon were also part of the recipe. We tasted the final salsa dip on tortilla chips…it nearly blew our mouths off!

It was interesting to learn about, and taste, the foods of “The Americas”.

Designing and Making Biscuits

As part of our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic the children in Miss Reeve’s Year 4 class worked in teams to create a range of biscuit flavour.

Every group began with the same recipe for plain biscuits but were able to select flavours they could add to the mixture to create their own unique product. They were also able to choose the topping they wanted to add to their biscuits to make them really special.

Designing the biscuits was the first step, then each group had the opportunity to make and decorate them.

Within their groups choices were made as to the shape the biscuits would be cut into and the name they would give to their final product.

pic1 pic2

The red table made white chocolate chip and vanilla biscuits with marshmallow toppings. They planned to cut their biscuits into a dog or animal shape.

The blue table created a milk chocolate chip and lemon biscuit, topped with lemon icing and tiny chocolate crispies. It was hard to decide between scalloped circles, dinosaurs or gingerbread man shaped biscuits.


The yellow table added coconut and cinnamon to their mix, adding white chocolate stars to the top. The obvious shape to choose was a star shaped biscuit.


The green table’s biscuits were flavoured with ginger and dark chocolate chips, then covered with mini stars. They hoped to use a range of star and planet cutters.


Each group also tried to think of appealing adjectives and alliterative phrases to describe the way they hoped their biscuits would taste.

Marvellous, moist, mouth-watering marshmallows

Tempting tasty treats

Delicious and delightful

Lovely, luscious and lip-smacking

Marvellous, moist, mouth-watering marshmallows

They were also encouraged to create advertising posters for their products.

pic14 pic12 pic13

Finally, it was everyone’s favourite part, a chance to taste all of the finished products, and give our honest feedback. Here are just some of the comments…

Space Stars are full of chocolate chippy goodness – Anais

Space Stars are gingery magic – Lexie

Billy Bears are really tasty – Oscar

Billy Bears are a vanilla-ry treat – James

Lemon Choc Cookies, the aroma of the icing is zingy and sharp –Faith

Lemon Choc Cookies are a scrumdiddlyumptious sensation – Daniel

Starbites are awesome biscuits – Lennon

Starbites have a good kick of flavour – Rumaan

Year 3 Tennis Competition at Trinity


Eight Year 3 children represented the school in a tennis competition against other Middlesbrough schools.

topdouble topdouble1

First we warmed up and learnt new skills ready for the competition.

middledouble middledouble1

Then we played lots of games against different schools.


We had an exciting time and we are looking forward to playing our next competition.

May 2016: Year 4 – Scrumdiddlyumptious food day!

Benvenuto (that’s welcome to you and me) to the Lower Key Stage 2 food day! Today the Happy Hagons traveled the world using their mouth! They moved between three different classrooms, making and tasting foods from Asia, South America and Europe. In Mr Hagons classroom, they were welcomed to main land Europe in the shape of a giant boot – yes, they were off to Italy!


Pitta bread pizzas were on offer but the children had to make them first! They had a selection of various toppings to choose from and quite a few developed a new love for peppers! Yummy! The children also listened to some beautiful Italian music, completed some Italian themed colouring sheets and word searches and took part in an Italian quiz! After tasting their delicious pizzas, the children could be heard to shout “Bellissimo!” Lovely!

Pizza 3

Year 4 Orienteering Challenge

On Thursday 28th April the pupils from both Year 4 classes, and five adults, set off from school with some trepidation, to take part in an Orienteering Challenge in Albert Park.

1 2

The children were split into pairs with a finger timer and a map between them. At first everyone looked slightly bewildered, luckily help was at hand and one of the organisers explained the task.

3 4

With maps orientated, and children raring to start, pairs set off at 30 second intervals (always in view of vigilant, if slower, adults).

6 5

It wasn’t long into our experience when the weather started to close in and rain started to fall. It didn’t put the pupils off.

8 7

We were the last school to take part so some of our tail enders were in danger of missing checkpoints as the organisers pulled them up so they could go home.

9 10

Our winners were amazingly quick, and supported by a very speedy parent. It was a great experience for everyone.

Tag Rugby

Year 4 children have enjoyed playing tag rugby.

rugby rugby1

We practiced passing, running, tackling and decision making. As you can see everyone worked extremely hard and thoroughly enjoyed it.

rugby2 rugby3

April 2016

Year 4 Ocean Maths Summer workshop

Miss Reeve and Mr Hagon were pleased to welcome parents into the school to take part in the Year 4 Ocean Maths summer workshop. Miss Reeve started the workshop by playing a counting game. The children practiced counting forwards and backwards in different amounts.

maths1 maths 2

The children then played various two player games which involved using their adding, subtracting, multiplication and division skills. The children had great fun but at the same time you could see their brains working overtime to try and beat their friends.

maths 3 maths 4

They also had a competition to see who could finish some addition triangles the quickest; if they got them all correct, they got a special prize from Miss Reeve! 🙂

To end the session, Miss Reeve got the children (and parents) to practice their times tables by learning actions to go with each times table. Our thanks to all those parents who managed to attend.

Year 3 Ukulele lessons

Year 3 are having lots of fun learning how to play the Ukulele. We are finding it a little bit tricky but we won’t give up.

ukele ukulele

ukulele2 ukulele3

Y3/4 Easter performance

Year 3/4 did our Easter production this year. Take a look at some of our pictures during the play.

sample 2 sample 1

sample 3 sample 4



January 2016

Year 4 Ocean Maths spring workshop

Mrs Laverick and Mr Hagon were pleased to welcome so many parents into the school to take part in the Year 4 Ocean Maths spring workshop. The children really responded to the adult support, so a big thank you to all those who attended.

Mr Hagon started the workshop by played a counting game. Using a counting stick, the children practiced counting forwards and backwards in 5s, 50s and then 25s. It certainly got the children’s brains warmed up (and Mr Hagons)!


Next, the children played a two player multiplication card game. The children had to select 4 number cards each (1 to 9) and multiply them by different numbers. They then had to pick the two biggest numbers they had made and add them together. Whoever had the biggest total was the winner!


A two player adding and subtraction game was up next. After picking the number 30, 40, 50 or 60, the children then had to use a spinner to find what number they had to add or subtract from that number. So for example, they might have picked 40 and then got add 11, making 51. The children would then put a counter on the number 51 on a number grid and their partner would then have a go. The aim was for the child to make 3 counters in a row on the number grid, winning them the game.


The last table game of the workshop was triangle multiplication. The aim of the game was to make sure that the two numbers in the bottom vertices (corners) of the triangle would multiply to make the number that was in the top vertex (corner):

Some of the numbers in the triangles were missing so the children had to work out what they were and put them in. Could there be more than one choice? Most of the children discovered that they could make many different combinations of numbers.

13 14

To end the session, Mr Hagon got the children and adults into a huge circle to play a game of ’11s’. The aim of 11s is to be the last person standing! A child starts by counting from the number 1, either saying 1, 1-2 or 1-2-3. The next child then continues this sequence, adding 1, 2 or 3 to the last number. The child who has to say 11 has to sit down and is out of the game. The count then begins again from one with the next child in the circle. The winner this time was Zak! Great work! Some of the numbers in the triangles were missing so the children had to work out what they were and put them in. Could there be more than one choice? Most of the children discovered that they could make many different combinations of numbers.

Year 3 and 4 Guisborough Forest trip

To introduce our new ‘Misty Mountain’ topic, Year 3 and 4 took a trip to Guisborough Forest near the Cleveland Hills.

It was quite wet, windy and muddy but the children didn’t mind as we walked through the forest, discovering different plants and wildlife. As we got higher up in the hills, we could see the outskirts of Guisborough through the trees. We saw squirrels, magpies, pigeons and finches along the way.

1 2

When we came out of the forest, we could see the rocky Highcliffe in the distance as well as Roseberry Topping. We discussed the importance of the Cleveland Hills to Middlesbrough, with the iron found in them being the reason the town grew to its current size.

3 5

After viewing different kinds of birds in the bird watching area, as a treat the children had some fun in the adventure play area. The children had a brilliant day in the countryside, really enjoying the chance to get up close to nature.

Y4 Mr Hagon’s class

Malham Tarn- November 2015

The children went on an overnight trip to the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales, staying at the Malham Tarn Field Centre. Everyone had such a fantastic time; the children got so much out of the experience.

bob bob2

They learned how to orientate, use a compass and developed their knowledge of how to track and identify animals. During the first evening, the children had a twilight camp fire, singing songs and
drinking hot chocolate!


One of the most popular parts of the trip was when the children had to take apart Barn Owl pellets and see what they had eaten for lunch! The children discovered skull and jaw bones of shrews and mice as well as the odd maggot!

bob4 bob5

All of the children had a great time during the two days and wished they could have stayed longer – a big thank you to the staff at Malham Tarn Field Centre for making us feel so welcome.

bob6 bob7

School Mosaic

Year 3 joined the Community Artist in making a button mosaic of the school badge as part of our Roman Day activities.

mosaic 2 mosaic

Almost finished and looking good! Look out for this in school!

Y4 Mr Hagon’s class

Roman day – Oct 2015

To bring together all the things we had learned during our Roman topic, we had a fantastic Roman day where all the children dressed up as Romans; soldiers, Emperors and citizens all attended this amazing day!

The children undertook a range of different activities during the day, including making Roman helmets, brooches and bracelets as well as taking part in creating a beautiful mosaic of the Sacred Heart school badge.


Tag Rugby – Sept/Oct 2015

During the first term back at school, the children learned how to play Tag Rugby; the children really enjoyed developing the new skills they learned.

Tag Rugby is a non-contact version of the adult game but involves many of the same skills – speed, movement, teamwork and positive attacking play.

2 3

Segedunum trip – Sept 2015

To start off our new Roman topic the children took a trip to the site of the ancient Roman fort of Segedunum.

The children had a brilliant time – they dressed up as Celts, learned about how their round houses were made, made Celtic bracelets and painted their very own Celtic war paint!

et4t4 4t4t3t

Y4 Mrs Laverick

1 2
3 readers week 6 11 15

Mrs Laverick`s Year 4 class went on a trip to the Roman fort, Segedunum.

We had a fantastic time, dressing as Celts and sitting in a round house, dressing as Roman warriors and finding out all about the Roman army.

Click here to see our photos.

Y4 Mrs Laverick -TAG RUGBY

Y3 KM are investigating light!

This half term, we have been doing lots of work in out Science about light. First, we wanted to find out which objects were sources of light, and which objects reflected light.

1 2


We looked in boxes through small holes to see what we could see (if anything) inside the boxes. The only box we could see something in was the box with the electric candle in, because it made its own light. We knew that was the only source of light. We then let a little light into the back of the box, and found that we could see the mirror and the CD the best, because they reflected the light into our eye.

We then did another experiment, to see which would be the best type of material to make windows for a Celt house. We wanted to find the material that let the most light in. We found out about the words transparent, translucent and opaque.

4 5

The transparent material was the best, because it let the most light travel through. The opaque material didn’t let any light through at all! Instead it made a shadow.

Next, we thought we would investigate shadows.


We looked at a concept cartoon about shadows. 12 of us agreed with the person that said “my shadow is bigger when I am closest to the screen” and 7 of us thought that “the shadow is the same no matter where you stand.” Only 4 of us thought that the shadow is biggest when we were closer to the light source.

We tested this theory by making a Roman shadow theatre, thinking about how we could make Gladiators and animals look bigger and smaller.

7 8


At the end of the lesson, we all agreed that putting the object closer to the light source created a larger shadow. We explained this by saying that the closer the object is, the more light is blocked, therefore the larger the shadow.