Key Stage 1

Key Stage One is a busy place; please look around to find out some of the fantastic things that have been happening here.

Key Stage One Trip to the River Tees

Key Stage One had a great time when they went to the River Tees! We went to the Teesmouth field centre and learnt lots of exciting things about what the source and the mouth of the River!

We then went to the Transporter Bridge! It was so big and tall when you stood near it! We were so lucky that we got to take a ride over! Did you know the bridge is 104 years old? That is ancient!

After our lunch, we went to the beach and saw the mouth of the River! We were able to make our own rivers in the sand! We had to walk over some prickly sand dunes to get there!

We had so much fun on our trip!

2017-2018 ⇑


Key Stage One and a very Royal Visitor!

On 2nd November, we had a very special visitor who came to the school, as part of our Bright Lights, Big City topic!


We were told to all dress up for the occasion and we started to learn all about the Royal Family! We also started to make Union Jack flags and we learnt to sing the National Anthem!
In the afternoon, a special lady came to see us! She is the Queen’s lady in waiting! She is a very important helper and knows all the Queen’s top secrets!


She told us how she helps choose the Queen’s outfits and all about the crown jewels!
She also told us all about the different palaces the Queen has and how she loves to go on holiday to Balmoral in Scotland, this is her favourite castle!

Lady Mary talked to us about the corgis and let us into a little secret saying she doesn’t like them much and tries to shoo them away when the Queen isn’t looking!
We had a brilliant day and can’t wait to start learning all about London!Enchanted Woodland-Albert Park Visit

To kick start our Enchanted Woodland topic, we went to Albert Park!
We went to look at all the different trees and did some tree rubbings on the bark. We also collected lots of leaves and twigs to look at when we got back to school!

albert 1

We had so much fun in the park and loved exploring all the different plants and we even found a fairy tree! It was huge and we saw a real fairy fly out! We all went to run to try to catch it and Emilia was the lucky one!
It was a great way to explore and find out more about our new topic!

albert 2 albert 4

Year 2 visit the Fire Station! – 20.11.15

In class, we have been learning all about fire safety! We went to visit the Fire Station to see the Fire engines and all the special equipment that the Firemen use!

They showed us lots of different hoses that can squirt water to put out a fire! We even got to use them ourselves!

We also saw how huge the fire trucks were! Everyone got to climb aboard and explore inside! They were that steep, that we had to be lifted down by the Fireman!

The Firemen also showed us the really tall crane that they use when they have to rescue people from high buildings, we had to look so high in the sky to see the top of the crane! We had such a fun day at the Fire station and are now Fire Detectives!

fire station 1 fire station 2 fire station 4

Year 2 Ocean Maths Workshop

In the second week of September Year 2 took part in this year’s first Ocean Maths Workshop. We were very pleased that so many parents were able to join us and help us with the tasks. We began the workshop with counting on and back in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. After that we were ready to tackle the challenges!

The first task was really tricky! Even though it looked like a bingo game, there was a lot to think about. We had to remember what numbers are odd and even and how to halve or double them.

The following task proved to be very challenging, but lots of fun too. We were presented with a crossing vertical and horizontal line. Using 15 counters we had to make sure that the sum in each line equals 12. We were glad that some of the parents helped us!

The last challenge was a great fun as well! We played with a partner and the aim of the game was to cover as many numbers from 1-12 as possible. To do that we had to roll two dice and then decide whether we want to add them together or take away.

We really enjoyed today’s session and are looking forward to the next Ocean Maths Workshop.