Foundation Stage

Children in the Foundation Stage are taught by Mrs Robinson, Miss Darragh, Miss Moore, Miss Blenkinsop, Mrs Dainton , Mrs Parking, Miss Jablonska and Mrs Mcdonald.

The Foundation Stage is a busy place; please look around to find out some of the fantastic things that have been happening here.  

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This term Reception have been doing YogaBugs.

Each week we have been learning new yoga positions to one of our favourite stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and Little Red Riding Hood’.

Reception really enjoyed YogaBugs and it made us feel very relaxed. We have also gained confidence with balance and feel more flexible.

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This half term we have been practising logging on to the computers and accessing different programs.

We are able to load google and search for CBeebies.


We can also load 2Simple and Education City.


Crispy Cakes

For Easter we made chocolate cakes.

First we washed our hands.

Then we broke up the chocolate and we melted it in the microwave.

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After that we added the rice crispies in and mixed it all together.

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Then we put the mixture in the cake cases and put them in the fridge.

rice 5       rice 6

Finally we ate the crispy cakes.

Outdoor Play

In Reception we love to play outside.

We have lots of fun riding the bikes and scooters. We also enjoyed throwing, catching and kicking the ball.


Making Minibeasts

Reception made lots of minibeasts for our ‘Creepy Cave’.

We painted paper plates and made then into ladybirds.To make bees we cut out black strips of paper and stuck them on  to yellow card.



Our topic is ‘How Many Colours in a Rainbow?’ Reception read a book called Elmer. We made a huge, colourful collage of Elmer using tissue paper. It was a very messy job!


world book day

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Dough Gym
In Reception, children take part in an activity called ‘dough gym’. This involves moulding play dough in time to music and performing actions such as: rolling it into a ball, flattening it, putting each individual finger into the dough, rolling it into a sausage and squeezing it.

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This actvity helps to strengthen children’s fine motor muscles to enable them to develop their pencil grip which in turn will help to develop their writing skills … and its fun!

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Why not have your own dough gym at home? You can make your own play dough at home and sing and dance along to your favourite songs. Have a look at our play dough recipe.

1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
2 teaspoons of cream of tartar
Half a cup of salt
Food colouring (optional)

Method 1 – Saucepan
Place all the ingredients in a saucepan at a low heat. Stir continuously until the mixture thickens to a firm dough texture.

Method 2- Microwave
Place all the ingredients in a plastic container and cook for one and half mintues in a microwave. Stir the mixture and microwave again for one minute.

EYFS Christmas Crafts and Sing-along 2015

We wore hats and costumes then got on stage to sing our Christmas songs.

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Our grown-ups came to watch us and sang Away in a Manger with us too.

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When we finished singing, we made some Christmas crafts with our grown-ups.

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We do some wonderful things in the Foundation Stage, where we are all friends together.

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Family Term – Autumn 2015

The children in Reception had a special visitor at the start of their family topic, a new born baby!

Baby 1

When the baby came to visit the children learned all about how to keep babies safe and how to help them grow.

Baby 2

What the children are most sure about is….. “We need to look after babies”.

Baby 3

They learned they need to “feed them and cuddle them” and “hold their hands and give them lots of milk”.

baby 4

The baby got tired during her visit and the children remembered
“We had to be quiet so she could go to sleep”.