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Boro mascot Roary the Lion visited Sacred Heart Primary School, Middlesbrough, to find out how the ‘Roary’s Class Acts’ project is improving classroom attendance.
The project, designed and developed by Emmerson Marketing and Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation, and funded by the Cleveland Centre, is spreading the message to youngsters that every school day matters.
Each school has been given a variety of promotion material to help motivate the students, including Boro stickers and certificates. The children are collectively rewarded for good attendance, which is displayed on the class wall-chart. 

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Thanks to support from both the Middlesbrough Schools Teaching Alliance and the Middlesbrough Catholic Schools Partnership, the initiative has been rolled out to eleven of the region’s Catholic schools in this pilot year.

Ellie Felgate, Pastoral Lead at Sacred Heart RC Primary School, said: “Since the introduction of Roary’s Class acts in January, we’ve noticed an increase in parental engagement – our children are telling our parents that they can’t be absent from school or late that day.

“The children can then be heard encouraging their peers also to attend school every day as their classroom chart is a visual tool in the classroom.

“We welcome all ideas of improving attendance and feel these charts are having a positive affect.”

Andy Clay, Operations Manager at MFC Foundation, said: “Attending school is hugely important for a child’s development, so we are very excited for ‘Roary’s Class Acts’ and hopefully boosting school attendances.

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“It has been brilliant to see the support of all the schools and business that share our vision for Teesside’s young people.”

Ian Jolly, from Emmerson Marketing, said: “We are delighted to support MFC Foundation with such an innovative and worthwhile campaign. 

“Hopefully, the branding and associated marketing materials we’ve produced – featuring everyone’s favourite mascot Roary – resonate with schoolchildren, helping bring the campaign to life and encouraging school attendance.”

Graham Skillen, Manager at the Cleveland Centre, said: “This is a fantastic scheme to encourage kids to attend school every day and to increase schools’ attendance performances.

“Cleveland Centre is proud to be paired with a project that has so many positives.”

John O’Boyle, speaking on behalf of the Middlesbrough Catholic Schools Partnership, said: “Attending school on a regular basis makes a very real and significant difference to the academic success and overall well-being of a child.

“We are very pleased and grateful to have formed a partnership with MFC Foundation, The Cleveland Centre and Emmerson Marketing in order to highlight such an important issue.”

If you would like some further information about the ‘Roary’s Class Acts’ project then please visit:

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