After School Clubs

Join a club at Sacred Heart Primary School!

We offer a broad range of activities suitable for children of different ages both after school and during lunchtime.

Try something you’ve never tried before, set yourself a target and have fun with friends. Join up today!

After school clubs run throughout the year and include…



Art Club

Craft Club

Performing Arts

Cookery Club!

Here is what we’ve been doing this year!


Multi-skills club runs every Wednesday from 3.15 -4.15 for children in Reception and K.S.1. Children are required to wear their PE kit for this club.

This club aims to:

Develop co-ordination, balance and gross motor skills

Develop skills for athletics

Develop team building skills

Improve spatial awareness

Help children gain enjoyment from taking part in physical activity

It focuses on skills and techniques that children can later transfer to specific sports. Children are taught these skills through game based activities.

Look at multi- skills in action!


Art Club 

Trees were the inspiration for Art Club this term. Everyone had the same input but interpreted it in their own way. The level of focus was impressive.

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Some pupils created weaving’s of Kandinsky style leaves (inspired by work KS1 pupils were doing in Craft Club). Weaving may sound easy, after all it’s just over, under, over, under, but in reality, it takes a lot of time and concentration.

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Can you spot some of the weaving on the Craft Club display?


Finally, some children used wall paper samples to create stylised trees to add to our completed display.


The final display looks stylish, but there are a couple of pieces of work missing, they are in search of more permanent positions in one of our Masterpiece Frames!


Next half term mima will provide us with our starting point, we can’t wait!

Craft Club 

For our first Craft Club cohort of the year the focus was on the work of Kandinsky, specifically his circles.


The children chose four different colours of paper and cut out different sized circles from each piece. They then stuck the elements together as concentric circles. Everybody made a few of these circles which have been displayed as leaves on a tree as a fantastic piece of collaborative art.


We were then inspired to create our own miniature Kandinsky inspired trees. Some of these finished trees are displayed in school, and a couple have creatures as well as leaves hanging from their branches.

33 44

The finished display as it appears in school…


Our final session allowed us to have some fun with plasticine. We created a tree and then worked to create leaves and creatures to decorate the tree. What can you see on our tree?